CNC Machinist West Bend, WI

Looking for a new career? Check out this CNC Machinist position with a small local West Bend company that you would be working with wood!

Full Time

Level II $16.50-17.50/hr DOE

SUMMARY: Operates and troubleshoots most production machinery including Rover, Weeke, Saw, Komo & Edgebanders. Performs tool changes and setup. Maintains all equipment in machining department. Modifies existing programs for machines. Performs some maintenance on machines.


1. Operate production machinery and computers.

2. Modify programs for CNC machines.

3. Perform preventive maintenance (PMs) on production machinery.

4. Troubleshoot production machinery.

5. Perform equipment changeovers and setup.

6. Responsible for quality control. Make adjustments as necessary to produce product within specifications. Reject product outside of specifications.

7. Operate within standard operating procedures (SOPs) and Job Safety Analysis (JSAs).

8. Operate forklift to maintain raw material supply for the production line (if certified).

9. Log daily counts and document hours in ERP system.

10. Communicate with operators from other areas of production as well as supervisors and managers.

11. Provide new ideas for department improvements and product value engineering.

12. Clean and maintain work area, per department rules.

13. Turn off and lock out equipment when not in use.

14. Other duties as assigned.


1. Assist mechanics and machinists in repair work.

2. Provide on-the-job training to new employees, if requested by manager.

3. Request raw materials. Maintain material supply adhering to just in time manufacturing principles.


1. Basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills required. This is normally acquired through a high school diploma or equivalent.

2. Ability to read production fixture drawings and cut items per drawing.

3. Manual dexterity required for operating machinery and computers.

4. Ability to lift up to 50 pounds required.


1. Company Values: Honesty, Reliability, Quality Conscious, Good work ethic.

2. General Traits: Enthusiastic, Highly Organized, Detail Oriented, Sense of Urgency, Good Follow Up and Customer Service Skills.


Working conditions are normal for a manufacturing environment. Work involves frequent lifting of materials and product up to 50 pounds or occasionally more. Occasional physical exertion is required. Assisting in the loading of trucks, moving materials, or generally helping others will be required from time to time. Machinery operation may require the use of safety equipment to include but not limited to; safety glasses, gloves and hearing protection. Loose fitting clothes and jewelry are not permitted. Long hair must be pulled back. Adherence to all company handbook guidelines required.

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