Millright/ Hydraulic Technician Slinger, WI

A local Slinger company is looking to add a Millright/ Hydraulic Technician to their 2nd shift team.

Full Time

 - Millright/ Hydraulic Tecnician 

CNC fixturing * other hydraulic pneumatic systems preferred

 - Reading prints, models & hydraulic systems

 - Interactions with designers & customers throughout projects

 - Compliance to PPE required, including safety glasses, hearing protection & steel toed shoes.

 - Ability to utilize basic hauhing to validate component specifications including pin gauges, dial indicators, mocrometers, thread gauges, etc.

 - Ablilty to accurately complete production cards & standard manufacturing based documentation.

 - Ability to appropriately dispose of chemicals & any hazardous wastes.

 - Abo;ty to use computer based print system to access specific prints.

 - HS diploma or equivalent required.

Job keywords
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