Fiberglass - 1st Shift Jackson, WI

Jackson WI manufacturer creates custom themed projects for museums, theme and water parks, aquariums, zoological exhibits, and other unique assignments. They are looking for candidates able to work and learn about fiberglass constructing to join their team.

Full Time

A fiberglass fabricator will support ongoing projects by working with a variety of castable materials such as foam, clay, fiberglass, steel, etc. to create custom forms, parts, and molds.  

Essential Job Duties:

  • Apply fiberglass resin and urethane
  • Perform carpentry work
  • Create master forms, parts, and molds
  • Work with various castable materials
  • Use power tools


  • Willingness to learn
  • Work closely with project team
  • Availability to work overtime as needed
  • Adhere to safety requirements and equipment guidelines
  • Adhere to all company policies and procedures

Physical Requirements:

* Ability to lift 90 lbs* Ability to carry 50 lbs* Ability to push and pull 100 lbs* Ability to stand, bend, squat, and climb stairs.
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