Commercial Cleaning - 1st Shift Jackson, WI

Local Jackson Client is in need of a candidate for cleaning their facility.

Full Time

This Housekeeping/Commercial Cleaning position will perform a variety of duties associated with the cleaning and maintaining of the facility. Maintain documentation for tasks performed per checklists and procedures.

 Responsibilities to include:

  • Remove, teardown and clean filling tooling
  • Sanitize equipment in accordance to the production schedule
  • Clean the filler line equipment and floors in the immediate area of all residuals from the previous product
  • Perform daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly cleaning within the facility per checklists and as needed
  • Complete tasks in a timely manner based on production scheduling and change over timing
  • Mix, use and dispose of cleaning chemicals appropriately and in a safe manner as defined on the SDS
  • Maintain status and organization of cleaning chemicals and supplies
  • Notify purchasing of needed supplies based on performing periodic physical inventory
  • Clean various areas inside the facility per schedule or as required for office areas, workroom, lab, lunchroom, restrooms, production suites and warehouse as instructed
  • Dispose of garbage and trash appropriately
  • Assist as needed with maintaining the grounds of the facility by picking up debris, brush or other tasks as assigned

Candidates must also:

  • Report to Supervisor any facility maintenance issues that require attention
  • Follow GMP requirements and company policies
  • Exhibit good interpersonal communication skills
  • Exhibit a positive attitude and good attendance
  • Perform other duties as assigned
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